The huge amount of information and the availability of the Internet do not allow to manage business the old way. Now it is extremely important for a successful business to have at least three properties: Internet availability, support for mobile technologies, sales automation. We will help you to get these and other tools for a successful presence in the digital environment and increase the efficiency of the company.
Service includes:
Consulting – presence of your business in the digital environment
Development of digital ecosystem design (project) for your company
Implementation of IT solutions
New technologies offer unlimited opportunities for advertising and promotion. And at this stage we will help your company to get exclusive and non-standard solutions in the field of interactive advertising, and more importantly – to stand out from the competition and be remembered in the eyes of potential buyers.
Service includes:
Development of an interactive stand (touch-tables, kiosk, terminals, exhibition stands and other)
Promo or game mobile app
Applications for wearable devices
Smart-TV applications
Promo apps with VR and AR technology
Exclusive landing page
Online presence for any business has become standard, but it is not always obvious which solution will be optimal for your current business model. Our company helps customers not only to get exclusive Internet resources, but more important – to choose right solution, that will be understandable to the target audience, simplifying business processes, improving the company's image.
Service includes:
Corporate website development
Web portal (for clients or employees)
Online store
Promo site (or landing page)
Blog or news resource
Web application or online service
Back-end for your ecosystem (server software)
Access for remote employees
Cloud solutions
Business applications for smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other wearable devices will allow you to be in touch with your company's customers even on the road. And the integration of your own mobile application with the internal company's infrastructure, simplify communication within the company and increase the efficiency of business processes.
Service includes:
Mobile application development for customers
Applications for employees or partners
Promo apps
Applications for wearable and non-standard mobile devices
Game applications
Integration mobile technologies with your company's current infrastructure
Application management system development
The efficiency of a modern company depends on proper BPA. IT technologies allow to optimize corporate processes and simplify interaction with customers and partners. We will help you to integrate BPA solutions or create your own software products for a specific type of business.
Service includes:
Integration of CRM systems or creation of your own sales automation solution
Modernization of the company's internal infrastructure
Messengers and social networks integration
Chat-bots integration
Artificial Intelligence (neural networks) integration
Analytical systems solutions (development and integration)
Big data solutions
The most obvious way of using IT technologies is simplification of everyday activities and create more comfortable conditions for human life. IoT and Smart Home allow us to solve this challenge, apply into everyday life and our home intelligent solutions. We can help you create both software for individual "smart" devices and infrastructure that allows you to combine such devices into a single ecosystem associated with the server part (back-end) and online services.
Service includes:
Intuitive UI and software development for smart devices (including home appliances)
Mobile application for Smart Home management
Client-server ecosystem development for connect devices in a Smart Home into a single system (and integration with online services)
Virtual Reality is useful not only for gaming products, but also invaluable in training (for personnel), or other simulation, impossible or dangerous in real life, but necessary for training process. However, this does not limit the potential of virtual technologies that can be useful in various areas of life and business, simplifying the traditional approach, or creating new products and services, impossible without VR technology.
Service includes:
Software development with Virtual Reality technology
Data visualization through VR technologies
Game applications and simulators development with VR technology
Implementation of augmented reality technologies may be useful not only for the creation of innovative products and gaming applications. AR technology can help in optimization business processes – both within the company (creating new and more effective ways of data manipulations), with customers communications, as a new and more simple way to display critical data (for example, in the medical field, where the operating doctor will be able to see "on the patient" information from the sensors of medical equipment), and in many other areas.
Service includes:
Augmented Reality application development
Implementation of pattern and objects recognition technology (and manipulate them within the app)
Expanding of working space (AR software development)
Integration of AR technologies into the internal processes of the company (to simplify the interaction of employees)
Integration of AR technology into the company's products (and increase conversion due to new methods of interaction with customers)
AR-based game products
The future has already arrived, but countless opportunities have not yet been realized (technologically possible and available for development). Based on our expertise in the field of IT technologies, we help our clients to implement new and ambitious projects, advise what approach in their development will lead to success, participate in the creation of the project at different stages, including the development and publication. Of course, new ideas are sensitive data and if they fall into the wrong hands, this can be threat for whole innovative project. That's why we fully guarantee confidentiality, provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), carefully operate with data to ensure it's safety and confidentiality.
Service includes:
Create of a plan for the implementation for an innovative product (including consulting)
Assistance in concept and MVP (minimum viable product) development
Interface (UI/UX) and software development for remote control or autonomous operation (including control for quadrocopter, bot, and other equipment)
Digital economy solutions
Operating system development
Solutions in the field of neural networks
Creation of non-standard software solutions
If you already have a software infrastructure, website, mobile application or other IT product – we will help you with its modernization and technical support. Do you need support for the project, not only in the field of IT? We will also be able to provide it. Combining the expertise of the brand "Human Design" (visual communications), and our partners, "Birs Advertising Agency", we provide comprehensive support not only in the field of information technology, but also in design and advertising.
Service includes:
Corporate Identity or design system for your business
Advertising and promotional materials design
Design and maintenance for social network corporate profiles
Advertising for outdoor, media and Internet
Modernization for your company IT project or software
Technical support